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Zero Trust Doesn't Have a Part Number!

There is no part number or SKU for Zero Trust (ZT), regardless what some vendors might want us to believe. Every organization's ZT journey will be different. However, there are some fundamental themes and key characteristics that most successful ZT travelers consider and adopt.
-They assume they are operating in a hostile environment – plan accordingly #securebydesign
-They don’t rush to spend money on point products – pursue “latent capabilities” first #optimizevalue
-They make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing – leverage the human firewall #humansmatter

High-level architectural principles can act as your North Star:
-Dynamic vs static
-Granular vs wholesale
-Automated vs manual
-Segmented vs flat
-Minimized Attack Surface Vs Porous Perimeter

Also consider the reality of how stakeholders use technology. “The Perimeter is Dead. Long Live The New Perimeter. Identity!”, which is my cheeky response to pesky stakeholders who want to access any application, on any device anywhere. Digital identity for people and things play an important part in creating a friction-less user experience without sacrificing system confidence. Practically speaking, “Digital Identity” MUST be considered as part of any ZT journey.

So even though ZT doesn't have a part number, it doesn't mean your organization can't benefit from taking a ZT journey. Which path will you take?