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Innovation Matters: Ransomware "Kill Switch"


“Wicked” Business Problem:

Organizations running flat networks are especially vulnerable to high-impact attacks that rely on lateral movement like ransomware.
Innovative Approach:
The ability to move from a flat network to a layer-3 isolated (micro-segmentation) network (IT/OT) in a matter of hours with NO downtime or 3
rd party agent software.
Vetted Solution:
Airgap’s elegant approach is truly innovative and worthy of consideration. Using DHCP to build a layer-3 overlay network, they can transform a legacy network into a virtual Purdue compliant environment. Prebuilt logic provides the ability to prevent ransomware propagation and introduces a “kill switch”, which can be activated in the case of a ransomware outbreak.
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Airgap's innovative approach to layer-3 isolation and segmentation.