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Facilitated Innovation & Structured Choice

What is it?
·       A field-proven methodology that identifies self-funding business cases and drives transformational change. I have used this method successfully in my practice for many years now.
How does it work?
·       Facilitates a dialog with key stakeholders who can affect organizational change.
·       Aligns the organization’s mission with stakeholder capabilities (known & latent).
·       Determines what MUST be true in order for the organization to achieve its mission objectives.
·       Optimizes value across diverse stakeholder communities.
·       Leverages rapid prototyping to Fail/Succeed Fast as measured against key proof points.
·       Delivers in 30-90 Day Proof of Value (PoV) sprints.
·       Produces a pipeline of Innovation Candidates to support a transformation plan of record.
·       Populates an organization specific Curated Service Catalog that is fit for purpose and provides choice
·       Institutionalizes a bespoke service selection methodology that ensures the Optimal Choice is made to capture Maximum Value as defined by the relevant stakeholders.
Here is an example of a Curated Service Catalog for the manufacturing sector:

So what?
By distilling the world of possibilities down to business-friendly options, organizations can realize more value faster and at scale. I plan on sharing some of the most interesting, timely and relevant candidates via a new blog series called Innovation Matters.