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Future Shock: The Future of Fraud Today

Below is the abstract and link to the referenced material, including the presentation, from the Taste of IT on Nov 8, 2023. This is the first release in the Future Shock series. [FYI: Mo was unable to attend so I presented his slides]. Enjoy!

"The presenters will discuss the evolution of Organizational Identity Fraud and the abuse of organizational identity assets from the beginning of the World Wide Web to its current incarnation. They will assess the state of organizational identity asset protection programs and answer the question “Are organizations prepared for the world of software defined everything, nation state threat actors and coexisting with the Internet of Dangerous Things?”

The presentation will update the definition of Corporate Identity Assets and introduce relevant, novel, and forward-thinking threat catalog items associated with Organizational Identity Fraud. The presenters will articulate control affinities and practical life-cycle management practices for consideration, positing how transformational trends in mobility, computing and social media conspire to make organizations more vulnerable, while demonstrating how marketing, security and operations can join forces to turn the tables on their adversaries by becoming “hard targets”.

Building on prior work published in 2006 ( ) and 2021 ) the presenters will share new research & insight that demonstrate multi-domain mayhem caused by abusing organizational identity assets and exploiting (hidden) dependencies! Further, they will share their methodology, findings, and novel & emerging threat catalog items (aka relevant use cases).

Presentation Link